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Sitting is the new smoking

Time to take a break and reassess your posture to avoid “Upper Crossed Syndrome”, or slouching. It’s the worldwide plague, sometimes referred to as “Silicon Valley Syndrome”, or more generally as “the smoking of our generation”. Our sedentary lifestyles, whether planted 9 to 5 in front of a laptop or desktop, or prolonged periods hunched over and gaming, watching TV, or peering at our smart phones, tablets and other devices, are killing us. According to the article which appeared in a 2013 Harvard Business Review titled

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Wayne Bennett: Quiet achiever

Wayne Bennett is not quite the archetypal Queenslander. According to the description in the state government’s publication, Diversity: A Queensland Portrait, its sons are “unsung heroes, battlers and quiet achievers”. Bennett is certainly a man of few words. He says he’s been “at war” with the media since his days as a player. He has come a long way from the Blackhall Bacon Factory of his youth. But his achievements and accolades as a coach, footballer and father preclude him from ever being described as an “unsung

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