How ’bout Henna?

An eyebrow virgin succumbs to the dark side. Henna that is. Super. Natural.

Defined by her reputation for flawless results, Amy Jean has become an internationally recognised brow and lash artist. Dubbed the ‘Brow Queen’ and ‘Arch Angel’, Amy Jean has attained cult following among celebrities, including Naomi Campbell, Delta Goodrem, Dannii Minogue and Chloe Morello.

Pioneering various techniques over the past decade, Amy Jean scours the world for new options for clients.

On a recent trip OS, she discovered a brilliant, organic alternative: Henna Brows, the most effective brow system for those with sensitive skin using natural and ethically-sourced Henna.

Since prehistoric times, Henna – a natural plant pigment – has been used to dye skin, hair and fingernails, as well as fabrics and timber.

Henna Brows are the fashion-forward way to naturally define brows: free of peroxide activators, which can cause irritation for some skin types.

According to Amy Jean “There is no ‘colour shock’ as with traditional brow tinting, which can look intense for a few days before it settles”.

“Henna comes in 12 natural shades, so there are endless opportunities for individual tailoring. It’s such an exciting development in natural, vegan-friendly brow beauty.”

A stranger to brow enhancement, other than a wobbly hand in the mirror (mostly in the car, reversing up the driveway or pulling into the school car park) as a final stroke to my makeup, I decided to submit to the experts.

At the late end of my 40s, I am a serial offender when it comes to brows, with thin, patchy tadpoles minus their tails, where once my cilia were (I like to flatter myself) as bristling as those of Brooke Shields.

So, with thoughts of my younger visage and my mother’s admonishments about over-plucking, I sank into repose at Amy Jean’s palatial Versace HQ. After a quick tidy up of the brow line, Amy Jean’s maestro’s touch meant the process was pain-free and relaxing. My feeble hairs were colour-matched and Henna in liquid form was applied. You don’t need to be hirsute where it counts as the tint stains the skin – perfect!

There’s no down time and the people I met for lunch immediately post-treatment didn’t stare at me, other than to comment that I looked rested and relaxed.

With glee, this happy Henna devotee chucked out the pencil and I now use the rearview mirror to look at my luscious brows with pride. Now, about my lashes . . .

Henna Brows last up to four weeks and cost from $75. Treatment takes around 30 minutes and includes a wax, tweeze and symmetry alignment. For brow tattoo, available as either ‘feather touch brow tattoo’ or ‘mist brow tattoo’ pricing starts from $895.



KEEP IT NATURAL Power brows are out, natural brows are in. Create subtle definition by filling in any gaps with star seller Amy Jean Eye Couture Brow Velvet, $55.

GO THE PRO If you’re time poor or not a dab hand at applying eyebrow makeup, micro-stroke feather touch brow tattoo creates perfect get-up-and-go brows in one session (and lasts for years!)

LASH LIFT Instantly open up eyes with Lash Elevate™ ($115 with lash tint, 60 mins), a keratin-enriched treatment to lengthen and curl your natural lashes.

EYE ON THE PRIZE Make peepers pop with natural-looking Classic Extensions ($160 full set, 60 mins), or go for maximum volume with 3D Russian Volume Lash Extensions ($260 full set, 90 mins), in which three faux lashes are applied to each natural lash for an incredible full-fan effect.


For enquiries and appointments Tel: 0404 463 161 For more information visit WWW.AMYJEAN.COM.AU

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