“You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley” – the immortal words of reality doyenne, Kim Kardashian to her younger sisters in their quest for tattoos. At age 47, I reluctantly admit the wisdom of her advice.

It was just a little mistake, a late night/early morning whim of a friend while overseas, not yet in our 20s – a memento, keepsake, a bonding experience, and shortly thereafter, a major regret. In 1989, back in Australia, it was the first tattoo most people had seen on a teenager.

At the time, we were more used to sailors, bikies and criminals having tatts – as I was repeatedly told. Bosses, friends and relatives were quick to call it for what it was – a blight on my body.

I waited 20-something years to decide to remove it completely from my skin. I want not a trace of it. My hope is our children don’t come home with tatts and say with offspring logic “well, you have one!”

If you too are ready to say ‘farewell’ to your tattoo, the time and the technology are right, with the advent of PicoSure laser tattoo removal, the most efficient and safest picosecond aesthetic laser.

PicoSure is the world’s first picosecond laser and the only advanced tattoo removal laser with PressureWave technology, which works with your body to remove unwanted ink. PicoSure delivers laser energy that specifically targets tattoo ink, resulting in the successful shattering of just the ink particles without harming the surrounding tissue.

This advanced laser technology offers ultra-short pulse blasts of energy in trillionths of a second – at 100 times lower pulse width than nanosecond science, allowing for an unrivalled photomechanical force for better clearance and fewer treatments.

These pulses are so rapid they cause a change in pressure that breaks ink apart into tiny dust-like particles. These tiny particles are then absorbed by the lymphatic system, a critical part of your body’s immune system, and eliminated naturally.

Conventional nanosecond lasers mainly rely on photothermal action, transferring heat to the pigment and nearby tissue. PicoSure laser tattoo removal benefits from the PressureWave Technology to shatter the desired ink into micro-particles that are easily destroyed by the body.

Like people, every tattoo is different. The number of sessions depends on the size and age of your tattoo, how long you’ve had it, its location, the colours and inks used and in many cases, your skin tone. One thing is for certain, with PicoSure laser tattoo removal, you will need fewer treatments than previous lasers, but five treatments at least are recommended. Treatments are spaced out every eight to 12 weeks for optimal results. It is imperative that the laser tattoo removal procedure be performed by an experienced licensed qualified operator who has received specialised training for this procedure.

At Esteem Medispa, the expert technicians use a chiller that blows air cooled to -35°C onto the area to reduce discomfort. The laser light pulses produced by the PicoSure laser may feel similar to a slight rubbing or stinging, even though it never touches the skin.

And the results are remarkable. After just two treatments, the black outline of the tattoo on my ankle is nearly obliterated, while the red and green inks are slightly harder to shift and will require two more zaps.

The time and costs are well worth it though. I want to glide through life unremarkable for my ink and more for my personality and achievements.


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